Although the king of purses right now is Michael Kors whose designs have saturated the

handbag market, there is something mysterious, chic and glam about Tom Ford designs that just makes the crowd go wild.
Right now there is no purse No. 1 yet from this brand like there are other luxury purses with names like Marcie, Birkin or Kelly. However the collections show a range of must haves for each season.

The designer has already expressed his views on the handbag market craziness by stating that not making an IT bag will create an It bag. The debate over the "It-Bag-ness" has been already going on for some years and although everyone agrees that the golden era of IT handbags is gone, there is still enough demand and interest in new and luxury purses.

And Tom Ford purses have all that is required from a luxury handbag - gorgeous designs, beautiful colors, attention to hardware and high prices too. They are not available online, and this unavailability is nother factor that makes the crowd want them even more like it is with everyhing we cannot have in our lives.

Totes and Carryalls

Oversized totes, beloved by housewives all around the world are not the favorite subject of this designer, except for the elegant luggage that he designs for men. This designer loves smaller handbags, cosy enough to fit all the essentials, but certainly not oversized in any way. Large and spacious totes and hobo purses are rather rare. Each handbag from his brand is characterized by the elegantly shaped silhouette and use of exquisite leathers, alligator leather, for example. They are very sophisticated, classic and classy purses without the tackiness and flashy details that some branded purses have. The lines are clean and designs very elegant so if you are into spending mode and have a budget for a classy purse, Tom Ford is there to make sure you get what you want.


Clutches and more

Evening bags. The brand retains its luxury purse reputation as always. Tom Ford clutches are made in luxury leathers and dyed in deep and saturated shades. Violet shade is seen very often in the recent collections and it is quite impressive when presented in an alligator envelope clutch bag. If you are up to more adventurous style and love to have fun, the emerald feather clutch could be a right choice for you. Prices for these luxury purses however, are quite high, starting from 2000 USD. So it is very unlikely that you will find cheaper handbags from this brand. The only exception that comes in mind is if you buy a second hand Tom Ford purse - you might receive discount. Because this brand has the same strategy as Chanel and Hermes - no discounts on luxury purses. So they will not have the Brand bags sale as some sites might offer you. This is a strictly exclusive brand. If you still want a purse designed by an American designer you can also opt for Discounted Michael Kors handbags, and you should check the MK site first to see if they have any seasonal offers.