Luxury purses from American designers - Tom Ford

There is no other designer that would have received so much attention lately than Tom

Ford. Almost anything he does gets a huge media and publics reaction and fashionistas go crazy over the new collections. So who is he? A talented designer, Oscar nominated film maker, many award winning fashion visionary or a perfect marketing and businessman? One thing is for sure - he is now one of the most successful American designers of our time and his career is at the peak.

It cannot be said that his road to success was without obstacles, and you can read more about it in the History section. And his work and collections have some sort of mysticism about them, that has been carefully created in the era of information saturation. Only the few last collections have been available on internet for general public. Whether it i cold bloodied marketing or just general annoyance with what fashion has now become and how it had lost the excitement for news, it does work for this brand.

Much also has been said about the Tom Ford sunglasses, such as Anouk or Miranda models seen also on numerous celebrities from Jessica Alba to Angelina. However the purse department deserves some credit too, although Tom Ford handbags have not received the media hype they actually deserve.


News & Events: Celebrities with Tom Ford handbags

Tom Ford Carine bagCelebrities love Tom Ford bags. This is one of he surest signs to see the brand receive more attention after the purse has been spotted on a celebrity. There are many fans of the brand. From Angelina Jolie to Taylor Swift and Jennifer Anniston, they give more spotlight to beautiful purses from the latest collections.

The purse in the picture is called Carine purse (picture left). And it costs around 2600 USD. This flap purse has golden shade hardware. As regards interior this bag has three pockets (one zipped, one open pocket and another patch compartment as well. It features a golden metal and leather woven shoulder strap.

The size is 11.8” x 7.5”. There is a variety of materials offered – from alligator, python to suede.
And this purse is a result of cooperation with Carine Roitfeld – who previously was in charge of French Vogue. And together they created a classy handbag that is quite versatile to carry - either with a dressy outfit for some night out or with jeans on a regular day out too.

Tom Ford Handbags collections can be viewed online on the brand's web page and you will for sure find many glam handbags that will take your breath away.

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